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Community Service Briefing and Guidelines

Community Service Briefing

Before you start on your Community Service, you have to pass the Community Service e-Briefing quiz to demonstrate your familiarity with the Community Service guidelines and procedures. When you have read through this Guidebook, you can attempt the quiz on e-Learn portal.

Community Service Guidelines

  1. Projects proposed must involve direct service with beneficiaries from the disadvantaged or marginalized backgrounds or deeper involvement in areas such as environmental and animals-related issues.
  2. Students can volunteer locally or overseas. If you wish to initiate new projects, email C4SR a brief proposal at
  3. All applications via OnTRAC must be submitted for approval at least:
    1. 7 working days for local projects
    2. 6 months in advance for overseas projects
  4. The procedures in the above chart are for self-sourced projects. For Ontrac-listed projects, the procedures are similar as reflected in the chart. Apply for the project and await approval from C4SR.
  5. For more information, students can refer to the guide on OnTRAC on the use of the OnTRAC system.

Last updated on 02 Feb 2017 .